The Burger Festival 2016 a slightly different Valentine's day in Cape Town

Just a quick summary of the full article over at: Food & Chatter 

Just a quick write-up to cover my last event before leaving Cape Town and what an amazing last day it was!
HINT: You are allowed to skip the text and scroll right down to the pictures and sorry for the over the top photo editing but this was such a colorful, summery, awesome event that I felt the pictures just had to do it justice!

So here is what I had and I have absolutely no regrets: 

  • a polynesian burger from the Wahine Food Truck, an amazingly delicious burger topped with smoked pulled pork, the answer to the burger or pulled-pork question – an incredible combination of flavors
  • a pomegranate cider from Everson’s Cider the best and most refreshing summer drink ever
  • a belgian waffle topped with banana and a lava-salt-caramel sauce from Wicked Waffle

If you missed the Burger Festival, keep an eye out for the next one. For more info about the Burger Festival, follow The Burger Festival or Flavourful Events on social media or see the Flavourful Events website:

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